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1. How to start?

ChineseBar offers a lot of free learning content for visitors. When you have registered on the website, then you can choose the course you are interested in, browse all the courses, take the quiz, get the grades and the teacher's free or fee-based guidance.

2. Why is ChineseBar one of the most professional Chinese learning platforms?

ChineseBar not only provides general Chinese learning content, but also evaluates students' Chinese proficiency according to the Chinese proficiency model and gives suggestions for learning. Secondly, the Chinese language courses are taught by teachers with rich teaching experience plus reviewed by Chinese teaching experts. Based on the latest language learning theory and practical experience, the platform provides a rich and varied curriculum format and very interactive learning methods, which is very beneficial to language acquisition.

3. What courses is available in Chinese? What level of learners is suitable for?

ChineseBar offers courses for all levels of Chinese language learners. Existing courses include Daily Topics and Vocabulary (for beginners and elementary students), Key Modules Chinese (for intermediate and advanced level students), Chinese Culture (for elementary and intermediate level students), Chinese Characters (for all students), Business Chinese (for intermediate and advanced level students) ).

4. How to enroll to a course?

For free courses, students can self-enrolled without key or with a teacher-provided key; for fee-based courses, payment can be made by bank transfer or PAPAL transfer.

5. How to pay for the course?

For fee-based course, students can pay when they bind a bank account or a PAPAL account.

6. How to set up preferred language?

You can set up it on both home page and your profile. By default it will show language acorrding to the language of your explorer, the preferred language will be used once you have made your change, and so far only Simplized Chinese and English supported.


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