• Here, Chinese composition is exchanged, and various problems that arise in the composition are discussed, such as vocabulary, grammar, text structure and cultural factors. Composition comments and revisions come from local professional Chinese teachers.
    • What are the latest and most popular expressions? What is the most authentic way to say it? how to pronounce? Any pronunciation skills? Everyone can chat here.


new word cards and word game tools

by edu sw -

These new word cards and word games for auxiliary teaching can be used to quickly generate the materials needed for new courses, which can be used in classroom teaching, and can also be assigned homework for students to practice.


The text learning interface has been updated

by edu sw -
The text learning interface has been updated. Now on text page you can listen and read Chinese dialogs with the assistance of both pinyin and translation, morevever you can also use dictionary anywhere via clicking on the word you want to know.
The pinyin and translation can be hidden or shown as you wish to choose your preffered Chinese-reading model. 课文
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