Shengwei Education was established in January 2021 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, the innovation capital of China. . The company is committed to the research and development of efficient Chinese course and learning management platform. Since its establishment, using its own teacher advantages and expert resources, Shengwei education team has deeply combined practical teaching experience with Chinese ontology research results. Steady progress has been made. Up to now, it has successfully provided high-quality online and offline Chinese learning services for more than 100 students around the world, and Shengwei Chinese learning management platform has more than 70 registered users.

    "Shengwei Chinese" is a learning platform based on social constructivism learning theory, providing learners with an efficient learning platform and teachers with rich teaching tools. Shengwei provides Chinese language platform with Chinese proficiency test (HSK) and European Common Language Framework (CEFR) and other powerful system reference and rich learning management tools, which can help you systematically plan your learning and improve learning efficiency. Provide teachers with dozens of teaching demonstrations, about 20 common practice types and question banks and other tools. Teachers can also use the Chinese proficiency test (HSK) Chinese character, vocabulary, grammar and function syllabus as a curriculum planning and teaching material development tool.


    Group lessons start at $10 per hour


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Available courses

Teaching materials based on function. Starting from the needs of expression, show the corresponding sentence patterns, equipped with dialogues, short essays and a lot of situational exercises.

Use reading materials both inside and outside of the classroom at the primary level in China.

HSK mock test questions.

Suitable for zero-based learners. By reading picture books, you can gradually master the most commonly used Chinese characters from picture book reading. After reading a total of five volumes, you will be able to master about 1,000 most basic Chinese characters, so as to have a solid Chinese foundation and start a more advanced learning stage in the future.

Learn basic communication phrases, such as hello, thank you, you are welcome, sorry, it's okay, goodbye.


new word cards and word game tools

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These new word cards and word games for auxiliary teaching can be used to quickly generate the materials needed for new courses, which can be used in classroom teaching, and can also be assigned homework for students to practice.


The text learning interface has been updated

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The text learning interface has been updated. Now on text page you can listen and read Chinese dialogs with the assistance of both pinyin and translation, morevever you can also use dictionary anywhere via clicking on the word you want to know.
The pinyin and translation can be hidden or shown as you wish to choose your preffered Chinese-reading model. 课文
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