About Us

"Blueplanet Chinese" is an intelligent Chinese learning platform based on the social-constructivism. The Chinese HSK test and the European language common framework are used as a reference to subdivide the learning objectives step by step. The learning activities including the curriculum, the project, the test and the community interaction are evaluated from the three dimensions of language knowledge, application ability and communicative task, to propose suggestion and the corresponding courses.

The trend of globalization is irreversible, and China is playing an increasingly important role in the global economic culture. Most countries in the world have a positive attitude toward multilateral exchanges. Most countries are optimistic about exchanges and cooperation with China. Chinese learning is receiving more and more attention. The demand for learning Chinese and understanding Chinese culture has continued to grow strongly in recent years. In recent years, various types of companies and terminal platforms have appeared in large numbers. “Blueplanet Chinese” also cooperates with many language and cultural institutions in China to provide Chinese language learners with a wealth of opportunities to experience Chinese language and culture in China.