Purchase credits: for non-face-to-face online courses

Points are actually equivalent to the top-up of cash in your account. When you use credits to purchase courses, you can purchase new courses more conveniently without having to log in to your bank or Paypal payment account every time. The purchased credits will usually be displayed in your credits account within two hours. If there is a delay, you can also contact customer service at any time. When purchasing courses registered with credits, the system will deduct the corresponding credits from your account. The remaining credits in your account can be withdrawn at any time, but you need to pay the corresponding third-party platform such as Paypal or bank charges. You can view the existing credits on your profile page.

Purchase online face-to-face courses(45')
Individual course($25.00)
Group Course(4 people or more)($13)
Online courses are taught by experienced teachers with a background in Chinese international education. The duration of each session is 45 minutes, and you can choose the number of purchases at checkout as needed.