Marketing Director

Job Responsibilities:
1. Formulate medium and long-term development strategies and expand cooperation space at home and abroad;
2. Develop an implementation plan around the established strategic plan;
3. Investigate and analyze market demand, and keep the company's products and services sensitive to the market;
4. Market team building and daily management;
5. Lead the implementation of various marketing activities and complete the tasks of market planning.

Job requirements:
1. More than 5 years of education market development and product sales experience, able to complete sales tasks independently;
2. Possess excellent communication and expression skills, excellent project presentation skills and writing skills;
3. Have a high degree of work enthusiasm, sense of responsibility and team spirit, quick thinking;
4. Familiar with the overseas Chinese market and having overseas promotion resources is better;
5. Able to work in English;

Product total

Job Responsibilities:
1. Summarize the demand for teaching resources and evaluate the supply and demand status;
2. Sort out resource requirements and efficiently allocate resource construction tasks;
3. Broaden domestic and foreign channels for resource construction and optimize construction resources;
4. Maintenance and update of self-media resources.

Job requirements:
1. More than 2 years of sales experience in education products, Internet products or online courses;
2. Have excellent communication skills and expression skills, strong learning ability;
3. Those who understand the school curriculum construction process and have curriculum development experience are preferred;
4. Proficiency in English.

Editor of teaching resources (part-time)

Job responsibilities: 1. According to the standards and samples provided by the company, edit and produce courses, test questions and other tool teaching resources;
2. Production of supporting resources for mainstream Chinese teaching materials, including PPT courseware, teaching plan design, etc.;
3. Optimization of teaching resources, error handling, etc.

Job requirements:
1. Professional requirements: International Education of Chinese, Master's degree or above in Chinese as a foreign language;
2. Work experience: have experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language;
3. Proficiency in using office software, proficient in completion of the computer and network.

Contact information:
Send resume to
Contact: Teacher Liu