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Language and Culture Activities

Language and Culture Activities

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On the afternoon of December 10th, Poland time, the private rumia primary school in Gdynia City carried out a Chinese language and culture experience. The event attracted more than 20 students and parents to attend.

At the beginning of the activity, the interesting pictographic Chinese characters caught the attention of the children. As the glyph animation was displayed, the children followed the reading sounds and imitated them with interest. The birds’ sounds and high horns were high. In the next calligraphy experience, the children know how to hold the pen and experience how to write these interesting Chinese characters with a Chinese brush.

Considering that the students and the Christmas are coming to participate in the event, the event also arranged two activities of hand-folding Santa Claus and Shaking Bamboo. In the origami activity, the children stared at the teacher's demonstration, and the little hands did not neglect. They folded their own Santa Claus and painted their eyes and noses. The last dithering of the Diabolo link, under the careful guidance of the teacher of the Confucius Institute, Feng Jing, the student Long Zhiming and the mother Long Lina’s hand on the Diabolo actually turned and screamed! Time flies so fast, one and a half hours seems to be It’s fleeting.

Reluctantly put down the Diabolo, Long Zhiming said to her mother in Chinese: "Mom, I am very happy today!"