"Shengwei Chinese" is a Chinese learning platform based on social constructivism learning theory, providing learners with an efficient learning platform and teachers with rich teaching tools.

As a learner, you can have not only high-quality reading texts, audios, videos and other Chinese learning materials, but also a large number of exercises carefully designed by experienced teachers, as well as an indispensable communication community for Chinese learning. You can communicate and interact with teachers, other learners and Chinese people in public forums through text or voice, and continuously improve your Chinese in the process of using Chinese; you can also accept teachers' guidance in a variety of exercises and assignments. Shengwei provides Chinese language platform with Chinese proficiency test (HSK) and European Common Language Framework (CEFR) and other knowledge and ability system references and rich learning analysis and management tools, which can help you systematically plan your learning and improve learning efficiency. As a teacher, dozens of teaching demonstrations, about 20 common practice and test question types, and question banks and other lesson preparation and teaching tools are provided to you here, and a variety of syllabuses such as Chinese proficiency test (HSK) Chinese characters, vocabulary, grammar, and functions are available. as a lesson planning tool. Teachers or teaching teams can even use this platform to easily develop their own teaching materials.

Last modified: Tuesday, 4 April 2023, 12:11 PM