How students use the learning platform

How students use the learning platform

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1. How to get started?

Blue Planet Chinese provides a lot of free content, you can use these texts, audio and exercises to help you learn Chinese. After logging in, you can have a personal panel, study plan, course folder, grade report, and course suggestions.

2. Why is Blue Planet Chinese one of the most professional Chinese learning platforms?

Blue Planet Chinese not only provides general Chinese learning content, but also can evaluate students ’Chinese proficiency based on the Chinese proficiency model and give learning suggestions; secondly, Blue Planet Chinese courses are provided by teachers with rich teaching experience, and the platform provides rich A variety of learning content and interactive learning methods are very conducive to language acquisition.

3. What courses does Blue Planet Chinese offer? What level of learner is suitable?

Blue Planet Chinese offers courses suitable for learners of all Chinese levels. The main courses include introductory Chinese courses for children, starting point for adults, elementary, intermediate and advanced courses.

4. How to choose a course?

After entering the course catalog, directly click the course you want to enter. If it is an open course or you have already registered for this course, you will enter directly; if you have not registered for this course, the page will prompt you to register.

5. How to set the language?

You can set it on the homepage of the website or in your personal panel. By default, it is displayed according to the language setting of your browser. If you set a language preference, it will be displayed according to the preference setting.

6. Why didn't I see my study plan?

After registering for at least one course, you can apply to your teacher for a study plan. Follow-up will provide a function for the learners to make plans by themselves, so stay tuned.